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The Secret of My Blog Name

Have you noticed yet? There is a typo in my name. Maybe you already saw it. Maybe not. But the word “Millenial” is actually spelled with two N’s. Let me give you a little more insight into why I chose this name. It all started when I saw this because of a typo I made:

Many people find that Millennials have a high sense of self-entitlement or have a low work-ethic. Millennials would also be needy, easily distracted, and have delusional expectations. At least, that is what older generations think of Generation Y “Millenial”…

I believe that Millennials work smarter instead of harder because we focus more on employ-ability and lifelong learning. But maybe talk of ‘generations’ and their unique characteristics is mostly guff. And the large difference between Generation Y and X just comes from the fact that the Millennials are the first generation to grow up in the digital age.

Well, anyway, I am a proud “Millenial”. So therefore, my blog is called Confessions of a Millenial. Or maybe it’s just a typo I made accidentally.

Little millennial sass…

What do you think? Do you believe in unique characteristics of a generation?

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