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The Millennial Burnout Pt. 2

Hello readers,

You might have read my previous story about my burnout and how I deal with it. I decided to do another story about it as it is, of course, an on going process and always evolving. I would love to take you with me on this journey and I think I´m going to write a series about it.

If you haven’t read the previous part yet: click here.

A little update

The past two weeks have been extremely difficult for me. I was actually starting to think that I was almost “out of the woods” until I started having panic attacks again. This made me extremely angry at everything for a few days. At everyone around me and at the world. EXCUSE ME, I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY DOING OKAY AGAIN.

It’s been kind of down hill from there ever since. Last week I really struggled during work and kept being on the verge of a panic attack. When I was finally done with work for the week I had this huge desire to push myself and my limits in any way possible…

Do not run for fun

The next morning it turned out to be quite sunny outside. So I kicked myself in my cutest sport outfit and drove myself to the nearest forest for a nice morning run. I hoped to get myself in a stronger mindset. And it was quite an interesting run because it felt good to push myself again, even though it was physically rather then mentally.

Running away from my problems.

Normally, I am someone with quite a driven and ambitious personality and ever since I have been struggling with myself I also kind of lost that aspect of my character. I really missed the girl that got a kick out of working hard and pushing herself to be better and go further. This also turned out to be my downfall but I always really liked that aspect of my personality.

Because I was pushing myself physically I felt stronger mentally. I had control over my body and how hard I was running. It turned out to be an extremely healing experience.


If you are in the same situation as I am and you also don’t work out normally, I would really recommend pushing your body as it will also help your mind heal.

Even the muscle pain that followed the next days was so satisfying, BECAUSE I PUSHED MYSELF TO DO SOMETHING AGAIN. Hopefully, this will keep on helping me to also feel stronger mentally.

To be honest, I was also just really excited to share a positive experience with you guys. I will keep on doing that, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.

Until you guys beg me to stop. See u next time!

7 thoughts on “The Millennial Burnout Pt. 2

  1. Glad to know you are feeling better! Exercise can honestly do wonders on the body and mind. Its nice for a moment to just put your ear buds in and ignore the rest of the world. I’m sure writing down your experience and feelings also helps with the anxiety and panic attacks. Keep sharing!

  2. I’m proud that you are pushing through. Thank you for allowing us in on your struggles because there are a lot of people going through the same thing as you and this is only more of a motivator from them the push through as well. Great post! In the words of Nemo “Just keep swimming” 😊

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