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My Nightly Routine


Yea I know. This is the day you have been waiting for because I have discovered the best nightly routine with these products that I ordered from Douglas. I was unfamiliar with the brand but have become a huge fan. That is why I decided to share my nightly secret with you guys.

The Ordinary has a lot of different but affordable skin products but I have bought three of them. You should know, I have a very sensitive skin and am very picky about what I put on my skin because it can react very badly to the wrong products. The reason why I decided to purchase new skin products was because I have been sleeping rather bad and it was starting to affect my skin. I’ll discuss the products in order of which I use them. So here’s what I bought:

The Ordinary Direct Acids Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

This is a tonic that removes dirt and makeup from your skin (very effectively if I might say so). It also helps with skin irregularities, is shimmer-free and conists of aloe vera, ginseng and tasmanian pepper berry. Sounds fancy right? Well it feels amazing. Preferably use in the evening, no more than once a day. After cleaning, apply to a cotton pad and apply to the face and neck. My skin feels so clean already after using this.

The Ordinary Serum Caffeine Solution 5%

This is a serum that helps with reducing appearance of eye contour pigmentation and helps with puffiness around the eyes. It mainly exists out of well-soluble caffeine and green tea catechin. Massage a small amount on the contours of the eyes in the morning and in the evening. My skin absorbs it very quickly so I don’t go to bed with “wet eyes”.

The Ordinary Olie 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

The best finishing touch. This is a organic rose hip seed oil and it’s the softest thing you will ever put on your face. It is for daily support of all skin types. Apply once a day on the face, preferably at bedtime after treatment with water-based care products. It feels so good for my skin to fall asleep with this oil on my face and when I wake up in the morning it feels incredibly soft and looks super healthy.

If you are interested in more information of the products, please click on the links.

I am incredibly satisfied and happy with my purchase and on my way to perfect skin! If you have any questions or personal experience with these products let me know!

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  1. I absolutely adore your entire blog!! So cute!! Love hearing about your nightly routine! Keep up the great work!!

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