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My Millennial Life

This is my first post on my blog so I thought it would be good idea to tell you all a little bit about what I have done with my (not always so) fabulous millennial life.

Let me skip past my entire acne period during high school because I cannot imagine you are already interested to read about my skin problems.

Just a few things that are good to know now, before you dive any deeper into this blog:

  • I am in love with my cat (also with my boyfriend)
  • I speak four languages
  • I lived in London and Ireland (but now back in the Netherlands)
  • I am passionate about Public Relations & Marketing
  • I live for traveling and experiencing new things with people I love
  • I am a micro-influencer on Instagram who is looking to grow!

I will post soon about any more weird hobbies and obsessions of mine, but thank you already for sticking around this long. This blog will be about my life in my twenties and all the relatable and humiliating stuff that happens to me during these years

So welcome to my blog and enjoy the content!

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