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I Did A 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

When I studied in Ireland there were many after-school activities that I could choose from. My friends and I decided to give the yoga class a try together and it was one of the best things I could have decided.

A little back story (pun intended as you’ll see) – I was always suffering from pretty intense back pains and they were increasingly becoming worse. So I was desperately trying to find something to help against the pain. A French friend of mine suggested that I should try yoga at home because that had helped her immensely with the same problem.

Flash forward again and we chose to start yoga together because of that reason. Also, I found it a little difficult to start doing yoga on my own… (where does my leg go again?). I really ended up loving these yoga classes and my back felt so much better after each of these classes.

After I got home from my study abroad I tried to continue my yoga at home. I started doing it as a morning ritual to start my mornings refreshed, with a clear mind and ready for the day. However, I quickly failed in maintaining this rhythm which made me feel pretty disappointed with myself. So to push myself further I decided to start a 30 day yoga challenge. Here is how the 30 day challenge that I used: Yoga with Adriene.

I absolutely love Yoga with Adriene. She is so funny and always keeps me entertained during the workout. I would definitely recommend watching her video’s if you’re still looking for a online teacher

The First Week

The first week of the challenge I was pretty sore and my body was actually pretty tired the rest of the day from the workout in the morning. It was, therefore, pretty difficult to keep being motivated to drag myself out of bed every morning and start lifting my body parts in the air. However, near the end of the week I finally started to feel a bit rejuvenated and energized… Was I finally getting used to the morning ritual I had imposed on myself?

Here is my cat trying to make it more difficult for me…

Also, Can I please go back to bed?

To spoil the ending for you, no I didn’t finish the challenge… – crawls in a corner out of shame – I think I disappointed myself around the 24th day of the challenge (THE END WAS EVEN NEAR). Turns out, I really do not like sweating in the morning. I pretty much gave up when I had to hurry in the morning and was like “yea, yoga whatever”. Which was also an easy way out the next morning.

Pros and Cons

Even though I FAILED I still thought of it as a great way to do my exercise and find a great mindset at the beginning of the day. I felt so at peace and content the rest of the day because of those 30 minutes I spent starting the day with a balanced body and mind. However, it was really not fun to change my pyjamas for my tight leggings and to sweat before 8 o’clock. The shower’s after the workout were the most satisfying showers every though…

I definitely recommend trying a 30 day challenge of your own. You learn to push your limits and to get to know your body and mind on a better level. It really does put your mind in such a peaceful mind-set for the rest of the day that I already regret giving up just by writing about it.

For anyone who is looking to do some exercise for your body and mind, 5 star recommendation.

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  1. Mayke youre such a positive minded person, love how you share positivity through your writing, youre so talented! 🙂

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