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How To Plan a Summer Vacation

If you are anything like me you still have no idea where you want to go this summer but you are pretty much open for anything. Some people have already booked their entire summer months ago (incl. excursions) around the time when they got back from their last summer vacation. Who are these people? How do they have their next summer already figured out?

Well…. Let me tell you what steps you need to take to decide on your next holiday destination a little sooner. – GET THOSE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS –

Step 1) Decide on a continent

This step sounds simple enough right? Well it’s easier to start making easy decisions first and narrow down your search before you actually start googling on what is affordable and what is not.

In case you are really bad at geography, here are your options:








For coming summer I knew I really would love to go to Asia. I had no clue where I wanted to go yet but I had never been to that continent before and definitely wanted to discover something new! Whether you want to stick to something familiar or go on an exciting new adventure, it all starts with deciding which continent you want to visit.

Step 2) What is your budget?

It is extremely important to decide your budget early on (or cost range that you want to stay in between). You might be hoping on an exciting island hopping experience in the Maldives, when your budget does not allow you to leave your own continent. Luckily for us millennials, it has become pretty cheap in recent years to fly to the other side of the world. -GLOBALIZATION-

Remember to not break the bank for your next holiday and you should be fine. Also do not forget all the added expenses of food and excursions once you get to your destination! They can ran up pretty high depending on where you want to travel. Another tip: trust your gut instinct. If you feel like something is too expensive or doesn’t quite feel right, don’t book.

Step 3) What type of vacation do you want?

There are a couple of vacations that you can choose from. All these vacations have a different purpose. Let me name a couple of them for you:

  1. Sun vacation
  2. Travel around
  3. Starter packages
  4. City trips

All these types of vacations can differ immensely and eventually decide what your vacations is going to look like. If you are more interested to hang out by the pool or at a beach this summer, definitely choose a sun vacation. Relax and get tan.

But if you’re up for a new adventure, choose a starter package where you only book the first one or two overnights up front. Traveling around is pretty similar although you might already book everything before leaving because you have a clear vision of what you want to do and see.

Coming summer I am striving to get the best of both worlds. Be close to the beach but also able to be mobile and explore the area. Maybe even run into some adventure!

Step 4) Narrow it down!

Yep. It is time. CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION! Probably smart to first choose a country you feel excited about and then choose a city that offers you enough options that match with your budget and type of vacation.

When you know what the most ideal location is for your vacation you can book where you want to stay. Make sure you check multiple travel agencies so you get the most out of your money! A little market research for your vacation never hurts anyone and you can end up savings a lot.

This summer I will be going to Bali and would love to be near a place called Sanur. I have read that it is a cute village. It is still near the beach but also close to Denpasar which is where we would land. PERFECT FOR ME.

Probably staying forever.

Step 5) Book that early bird, baby!

YEEY YOU ARE DONE! Congratulations, you have booked yourself a vacation and you can start having some pre-fun! Google the area and get to know the hotspots you definitely want to visit and the places you rather avoid. It ensures that you are prepared for your vacation and already have some information that makes it easier to let everything run smoothly.


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