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How I Found Paradise in Bali

Over the years Bali has become a popular tourist destination and it seems like everyone knows someone who has been there at least once. There’s a reason for this, it’s because Bali is incredible.

I wanted nothing more than to go to Asia this summer as you might have read in my previous travel post. Eventually we (me & the boyfriend) landed on going to Bali. A DREAM COME TRUE.

After a lot of market research we pretty much came to the conclusion that it was either going to be quantity or quality for the price tag that we had in mind. In the end we sold out for the quality. Especially because it is our first time in Asia we decided to be adventurous another summer and go for comfort this year. I mean, traveling to the other side of the world is already scary enough to me right now.

Let me introduce you to our humble home in Bali for 12 days:

Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar

Honestly, this is one of my biggest dreams come true. I cannot wait to explore Bali and get to know the local culture. The Swiss-Belresort is located in Sanur. For any of you who don’t know where that is:

I have read that Sanur has the greatest and cutest little houses and an overall relaxed vibe. It was also important for me to not be too far from the airport but also at a point from which it was easy to travel to other places. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

It was also pretty difficult to finally commit to a vacation because it was something we had never done before. I do recommend everyone to google the resort, check out the reviews but also compare prices. Sometimes other travel agencies offer the same room for a way better price.

What I did after we booked the vacation? I bought travel books of Bali:

If you click on the products above and purchase one of them, I might receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.

I don’t know about you, but I love the anticipation of a vacation. Reading about the places you could possibly visit and the things you could maybe do. It’s one of the best things to marvel at a place you’re going to visit before you have even been there!

11 thoughts on “How I Found Paradise in Bali

  1. Neat! I’m going to Bali in June too! But we are staying in Seminyak at the Hotel Indigo! We’ll have to swap stories and experiences! Or even meet up there!

    The Grace Real

    1. Haha I am also already dreading the plane ride! It will take a total of 24h. Longest I’ve been on a plane was 8h so it will be an adventure.

  2. Looks like a really cool vacation destination, I was considering it for my honeymoon next year, but had my doubts since I never went to Asia either and I wouldn’t know where to start. Definitely looking forward for your post-vacation article!

    1. It’s definitely not a destination to just go to in a whim! So i understand your hesitation. Congratulations on your engagement! 🙂

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