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Five facts that everyone should know about me

This will be embarrassing.

Ever since I was young I have been pretty much a geek and was always into pretty quirky and different stuff. But I guess everyone would describe themselves as at least a little geekish (is that even a word?). Let me get you up to speed about what my latest passions are:

  1. Pretty much obsessed with astrophysics ever since I picked up my first book of Stephen Hawking. He is an amazing witty and incredibly intelligent writer and I would highly recommend `A brief history of time´.
  2. Totally part of the Star Wars fandom.
  3. Love watching horror movies. My favorite is the Grudge because I’m still traumatized although I saw it six years ago.
  4. Passionately collecting cacti and succulents. My room is officially at maximal capacity when it comes to the cacti population that lives there… My cat still tries to lick them.
  5. Most embarrassing: five or six years ago I became obsessed with Kpop music… yes… that means Korean pop music… No I don’t know why… and I decided to teach myself Korean, this went on for longer than I care to admit. But I must admit that I still like Kpop music. Don’t judge.

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