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Favorite Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Day

As I told you before I have been feeling kind of off lately. Meaning that I am feeling pretty anxious and stressed on a continuous basis, sometimes even without a clear reason! Maybe you are going through a similar time. Or maybe you are really busy at work and find it difficult to unwind when you get home.

There are a million reasons why people could feel stressed. Sometimes feeling stressed even leads to physical symptoms! These are the most common symptoms:

Fatigue51 %
Headache44 %
Upset stomach34 %
Muscle tension30 %
Change in appetite23 %
Teeth grinding17 %
Change in sex drive15 %
Feeling dizzy13 %

It often helps to take a little time and space for yourself to relax and unwind. If you can manage to plan in a little time for just you every day it would really help your level of stress. But what do you do during this little me time? Let me give you a few tips.

Work on your daily mindset

There are of course little things you can do for yourself during the day to stay in a good mindset. These always help me a lot:

  1. Use your breath
    • A very important one. Often people forget the most important thing during a stressful task; just breath.
  2. Release the tension in your jaw
    • Tension in your jaw could lead to headache or dental problems. It is probably not something you are aware of but could really decrease your physical symptoms.
  3. Take care of yourself
    • Check in with your own mindset every now and then and tend to what your body needs. If you need a little walk, do that. If you are actually pretty thirsty, go make yourself some tea.
  4. Identify what you can and can’t control
    • It is very important to realize that you are not in control of some things and that a lot of things might not even be your responsibility.
  5. Focus on the present moment
    • If tomorrow already stresses you out today, try not to focus on that. And try to focus on one of these other tips instead!
  6. Savor scents
    • This is one of my favorites. I love scents that bring up memories and that always puts me in a great mindset. Maybe this concept is familiar to you or maybe totally foreign. But I would definitely recommend.
  7. Take a bathroom break
    • A bathroom break can help you break the cycle of what your doing and get you in a more relaxed mindset and a little less focused one.

For a longer list of little things you can do during the day, visit:

Ways to relax after work or in the weekends

  1. Exercise!
    • Definitely not one of of my favorites but I have experienced that for example yoga at the end or beginning of the day really helps with putting yourself in a right mindset.
  2. Nice hot bath
    • Soak your stressed little muscles into a nice hot bath. Preferably with bubbles and combine it with point 3 and 5 and you’re good to go.
  3. Read a book
    • Reading a book helps to get away from your own little world and immerse yourself into someone else’s life completely.
  4. Change into your favorite sweater
    • My favorite! As soon as I get home from work I run upstairs to change into my favorite big hoodie and don’t forget your most comfortable sweatpants.
  5. A good cup of tea
    • Never underestimate the comfort that tea can give to a stressed body.
  6. Value good company
    • My mood always immensely improves when I surround myself with good people and get to relax and watch a movie with them.
  7. Comfort food all the way
    • I don’t need to explain this one right? And your diet can always start tomorrow!

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Be relaxed like Oprah.

I hope you guys have read a tip here that you haven’t tried yet and that it helps you to become more relaxed. Remember: It’s in the little things we do!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Day

  1. Such an important post for everyone to read. I feel like I’m always go go go and need to remember to relax, unwind and de stress. Thanks got the post

  2. OMG!! The release jaw tension is so necessary!!! I learned that long ago and it is so very helpful till this very day!!

  3. This is great! When work and life get crazy it can be hard to find ways to unwind and relieve that stress so definitely pinning this one for later reference. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  4. These are great tips! I love that they’re practical and mainly things we already have in our access to utilze as tools!

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