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A Peek Inside the World of Calvin Klein

My first influencer event ever. And it was a dream. I was invited to go to the #StyleMyCalvins in real life meet-up. This event was hosted at the Calvin Klein headquarters in Amsterdam. It was a really cool and industrial looking location with a big open space filled with clothing racks from their newest collection.

Totally fan girling

The Tour

We were warmly welcomed by two girls and an amazing buffet with Superfoodguru drinks and the best lunch options. We got to sit down and chill for a bit before being greeted by the people who organized the meet-up and they explained to us we were first going to take a tour. During this tour they showed us the different kinds of denim and how Calvin Klein ensures their sustainable production is held in place. It was really cool to get a peek inside of their production process and know where my favorite denim jacket comes from.

Design your own jacket

After the tour we were able to design our own Calvin Klein denim jacket. We got to laser our jackets with our desired text. I decided to get my name lasered in the inside of the jacket and have Calvin Klein Jeans on lasered on the sleeve. See a video of that process below. We also got to choose from a large variety of Calvin Klein logo’s to put over our jacket. I got two Calvin Klein stickers printed on my jacket, one small on the front and a large one on the back. It looked so cool!


After I finished making my jacket, we got to choose outfits from the new collection and shoot them! It was such an amazing experience to get in front of a professional camera and have a photo shoot. I must have tried on like four different outfits and the clothing was all so comfortable. During the shoot you also got great directions from the Calvin Klein team which was really helpful and made me feel so much more comfortable.

Watch my photo shoot experience below!


As if all of the amazing impressions of the Calvin Klein headquarters weren’t enough, there were also a lot of influencers that I follow on social media so I was really starstruck the whole time I was there. Hopefully they didn’t notice me weirdly staring at them from a distance… If they did; Hi, uhm, sorry!

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